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Home School for High School
with Kathleen Duncan
Since 2001

These are some of our favorite curriculum supply companies. 
If a company is not listed, it does not mean we don't like it. 
It simply means we have not used it enough to make any comments.
World Physical Geography
Geography made interesting!  Brenda Runkle gives students lots of hands-on opportunity to learn about world geography in her books.  By the end of the year, your students will have memorized the locations of all the countries in the world!  This is not just a memorize and regurgitate program, however.  She makes geography fun and interesting!  Click HERE for a 30-week schedule for a class using this curriculum.

Home School Psychology
Great way to learn psychology without having to deal with secular professors!  Complete this course while studying a CLEP Prep book.  Then take the CLEP!  I will post a 14 week co-op scheudle early 2010.

All About Spelling
If your student never really learned the basic phonics rules and is having trouble with spelling, this program may be just what you need!

Hands-On Equations
Great way to teach children as young as 3rd grade how to do Algebra!

Apologia Science Curriculum
(888) 524-4724

(303) 730-6292

Home Training Tools
(800) 860-6272

Blue Stocking Press
Publishers of the Richard Maybury books.
(800) 595-8586

Deeper Roots Publications 
Wonderful, solid Bible curriculum designed to be a full year high school credit!  Four Stars!!!
(407) 293-8666

Castle Heights Press
Neat & fun science books like "Cooking & Science for 7-12 Grade".  Fun unit studies for elementary and wondeerful lab manuals for high school sciences.  Great alternative for those who don't like Apologia.

Notgrass History - I love this history!
From their website -
Notgrass Company is a family business dedicated to encouraging your family in living a learning lifestyle. We are in our sixteenth year of homeschooling and our ninth year of full-time work in this business.
This website features detailed information about our products, including sample pages. You may also call us toll-free at 1-800-211-8793. We will be glad to talk with you about your homeschooling goals and explain how our products can help you. If we cannot answer when you call, please leave a message with your phone number and a good time to call you back.

My Father's World
Great History and Literature programs for all ages.

School House Publishing - Source for Apples Spelling!
I love this spelling program.  Have your student complete one book in 8th & 9th grades and they will have reviewed all of the basic phonics rules!

Smarr Literature - Great LIterature Program
My new favorite Literature Course! Everything is scheduled for you and the books are wonderful.  I don't agree with all their world view but do like their curriculum.  Check it out. Use Coupon Number 60281 for a 5% discount.

Publishers of Jensen's Grammar & Jensen's Punctuation.  We have all of our students begin these books in eighth grade.

Nature’s Workshop
If you need science supplies and materials, these folks have it!
(888) 393-5663

We mark up this catalog and
send it to the grandparents for birthday gift ideas!
Lots of neat toys and learning games.  Also our source for Jensen's Grammar & Punctuation as well as Apples Spelling. 
(360) 426-0672

My Father's World

I really like the way Notgrass History is written and appreciate their world view, but for my students, these books come up short on literature.  Smarr Literature uses good books and goes in depth with each, but I don't like having to figure out which books should be read with which history lesson.   I would also like to be able to tie the Old Testament to our study of Ancient History yet don't know how to schedule it. What to do?

Use My Father's World!

David and Marie Hazell have taken the best history, Bible & literature programs they could find and have put them together, with a bit of tweaking, to make a wonderful, Christ-Centered high school program.

David referred to their program as "Parent Directed Independent Study".  Students can do most of the work on their own, but parents are needed to grade assignments and discuss readings.  You will need to look at your students' work weekly to be sure they are learning and progressing through the assignments.

Community Service activities are scheduled each week, and mission projects are recommended.

Their Ancient World History uses Notgrass Exploring World History, some of the Smarr Literature Guides, a Precept Ministries Daniel Bible Study for Teens, The New Answers Book from Answers in Genesis and many other great resources.  This course is worth three full credits - one each in Bible, Literature and History.  And it is well worth the time and money!

The folks at My Father's World have added World History and Literature program which includes British Literature. World History & Literature uses the second volume of Notgrass Exploring World History and lots of other great resources, some of which you probably already own and many of which are also used in the Ancient World History program. 

They are working on developing a program for  American History and Literature.  The first part of this series is available now.  It uses BJUP American history and lots of other great resources.  (I always seem to add a fewmore Smarr Lit guides).

Check out their lesson plans for Saxon and Apologia as well!