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Home School for High School
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High School Economics Course
The following schedules are part of a High School Economics Course using books by Richard Maybury and available from

There are many great course ideas available to home school families.

Another great site for class schedules as well as forms & home schooling ideas is
Many states require an in-depth study of State History in high school.  This is usually a one-semester course. 
For home schoolers, the course can be comprised of many field trips throughout the state plus a State Notebook. It is a good idea to begin the notebook in the freshman year and add to it as you continue through high school.  Students can add information to the notebook from family vacations, field trips, festivals, competitions, etc.

These are some of the requirements we had for our children’s notebooks.

To find the info needed have your child go your state's historical society, the Secretary of State web site of your state or search '[state name] history" on the web. 

Check these out
Current Events is a great Social Studies Course for High School student!
Have your student read some of the following each day for a semester.  Compare & contrast coverage from different sources.  Write short reports or essays on events happening around the world. 

Or subscribe to World magazine and have you teen summarize the weeks important news for the whole family. They have an ezine for those who do not want to subscribe to the printed version.

Student News Daily is a great current events site for high school students.  Daily articles, weekly quizzes and more!

Some of our favorite news web sites for current events: - The Drudge Report - Economist Magazine Online - National Review Magazine - Cato Institute - New York Times - Pew Research Center for People and the Press - translations of Arab newspapers
The Nature Of Government Course
using books by Richard Maybury:

Are You Liberal? Conservative? or Confused?
Whatever Happened to Justice?
Ancient Rome: How it Affects You Today
Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?

Co-op Schedule for The Nature of Government (excel)
Course Description (PDF)
Course Description (Word)

Note: This schedule includes only the first three books. It is designed to follow the High School Economics Course below.  If you have not completed that course, you will need to add Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? to your schedule.

Note: The nature of Government Course includes reading artilces about Karl Marx.  The book I got them from is no longer available; however, I received permission from the publisher to share the articles.  Here is a link:  Karl Marx
Courses using Notgrass
and Videos

American History (PDF)
American History (Excel)

Economics (PDF)
Economics (Excel)

For both of these courses, I have added videos from to the Notgrass curriculum.  If your student is planning to take a CLEP or DSST exam, you may want to have them wait to watch all the videos until the end.  You could have your student review the applicable REA Guide and watch the videos in preparation for taking the exam.


Do your kids ask permission to do things at the worst times?  You say yes and then discover their room is a mess, their school is not done and the cat's coughed up a hairball in their closet?

Here is a Checklist for Recreation.  Have your child go over the list and answer the questions prior to asking you permission to watch, play, go, buy, do, eat or get something.

Foundations in
Personal Finance
From Dave Ramsey

We did this 13 week class as part of our co-op.  Four moms shared responsibility for teaching the class.  We met for 2 hours once day per week.  The students had homework the rest of the days each week.  One mom volunteered to check homework at the beginning of class; she simply checked to see that it was done.  The same mom also graded the weekly tests.

You can purchase the DVD's from  Week 13 is on giving and is not included in the main packet of DVD's or in the student workbook.  You will have to purchase it separately and print off workbook pages for the students.

I purchased the DVD's and have loaned them out a couple of times already. We believed it to be a good investment in the future of our students!

When teaching the class, I had copies of all the worksheets/homework assignments made for the students.  I charged the cost of copies plus the workbook and the total came out to be about $35 per student. 

Here is an Excel worksheet that contains the course schedule, lesson plans, and grading sheet for the class.

Foundations in Personal Finance Co-op Schedule
Here are just a few course ideas for you!