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Home School for High School
with Kathleen Duncan
Since 2001

Home School for High School Seminars

In a four-hour seminar, Kathleen Duncan presents information about Home Schooling for High School.  She uses humor and honesty to share how her family has successfully graduated five teens.  More than three thousand families have attended her seminars.

The information shared at these seminars applies to colleges and universities throughout the US.  Families throughout Alabama, Oklahoma, Washington, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas & Tennessee and from as far away as Russia and Singapore have benefited from these helpful seminars.

Each family attending the Seminar will receive a binder containing more than 200 pages covering topics such as:
Record Keeping
Standardized Tests:PSAT, ACT, SAT & SAT II, GED
Course Development
How to Document Courses Completed
Joint Enrollment Options
Graduation Requirements
College Admissions Requirements
Creating a Portfolio & Transcript
College Search and Application Process

Teens are welcomed and encouraged to attend with their parents.

You can host a seminar for your homeschool group!  Check out the hosting details.

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In August 2013, we our 20 year old son went Home.  You can learn more about my journey through grief and God's faithfullness at my blog:

We no longer offer seminars.  The information on this website will be deleted at the end of 2015.